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Part 103 Ultralight
The Air-Bike is back and produced again in the USA!
J L A  is now the US supplier of Air-Bike plans and parts for the U.S. and overseas market.  
These great aircraft are easy to build, simple to operate, and available again in the US at
1999 prices.
Fulfill the dream of building your own airplane...
At a price you can afford.  Build from our our original TEAM plan sets,    J L A  is commited to
providing the grass-roots aviator with fun, cost effective aircraft and accessories backed by
customer support from pilots who fly what they sell.
2-Place LSA
Light-Sport  Single
Folding Wings
Full Kits are again Available!   Click a Model below for more Info
Air-Bike 103
Specially-built fuselage from our shop
will easily meet Part 103 weight limit
with small engines and no brakes.
Plans and sub-kits available.
Complete kit  $6,995

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TEAM Air-Bike
Designed for 40hp engines, the original
Air-Bike performs beautifully.  150 foot
take-offs from grass are normal.  This model
includes provisions for mounting brakes.  
With all options, weight is only 320 lbs.
Plans and sub-kits available.
Complete kit  $7,495

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Tandem Air-Bike
Designed for 50hp engines, the 2-place
features dual controls and a 500 lb.
useful load.  Adjustable seat and rudder pedals
are standard.  Empty weight is 400
Plans and sub-kits available
Complete kit  $9,495

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