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Our Air-Bike Short Kit is a time-saver and a great value.  It is offered as a
shortcut to a scratch built airplane.  Finished parts are provided for builders who
don't want to jig and weld their own steel airframe.  The builder receives
pre-welded fuselage, tail and landing gear with axles, fiberglass cowl and
spinner, Tele-Flex elevator cable and plan set.

The Air-Bike Short Kit supplies the customer with all the parts he can't fabricate
himself so he can move forward and complete the project.  The kit saves the
builder over 200 hours of fabrication time towards a scratch-built aircraft.  The
customer will need to source the wood, fabric and hardware from his favorite
supply house to finish the airplane.
    Air-Bike Short Kit
Wood stock and hardware sourced by builder from
Wick's or Aircraft Spruce & Specialty.
Air-Bike Short Kit   $2850     
Tandem Short Kit    $3200     
2012 Special through August 31
Short Kits include:

Pre-Welded Fuselage and Tail group

Fiberglass Engine Cowl and Spinner

Tele-Flex Elevator Cable

Plans set and Manuals