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Folding Wings
What's New?
We've   begun construction of our light-sport SPITFIRE replica.
 All wood airframe, fabric covered, using a Hirth 3203 engine.  
The airframe uses a fuselage/box-spar assembly with
removable wing panels and fixed gear.  Construction will
progress through 2014 and we will post updates here.  This
will likely be a "plans only" offering.  A few sample sheets are
available for viewing below.

JLA Spitfire Sheet 2

JLA Spitfire Sheet 32
January 2014
January 2014
Our kit packages are now available with engine and propellor at a special price.  The appropriate
engine for each model can be supplied along with the matching GSC Tech II prop for a successful
application with no guess-work.  The GSC Tech II feature
s adjustable pitch, CNC aluminum hub,
maple blades and protractor for setting the pitch.  
Hirth F-33 28hp for UL
Hirth 2702 40hp for Light-Sport
Hirth 3202 55hp for Tandem