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Plan Sets

Fiberglass Spinner *

8.75" Diameter x 9" Dome Length.
Carbon fiber reinforced backplate
and stainless steel hardware.

Fits all TEAM aircraft, all common     
propeller hubs using a 1" index.
Rated to 80hp.      $149.00

Fiberglass Wheelpants *

For 6" wheels and tires of 13"
    max. diameter.    $70.00 ea.

Small  For 4-5" wheels and tires of 11"
    max. diameter.      $50.00 ea.

Air-Bike Engine Cowl *   

Cowling for all Air-Bike models.  Matches to
spinner above.            $129.00

Vortex Generator Set

Reduces stall speed and allows
shorter takeoff and landing distance.
Probably the best performance mod
for the money.

Set of 32, enough for one aircraft.

4-Point Harness

Standard 2" web harness.
Black/Red/Blue available.
Other colors upon request.


CGS Hawk Fiberglass Nose *

Simple screw or rivet installation.
Specify Hawk Arrow or Classic.

$ 149.00

Larger fiberglass parts are typically made  
when ordered.  Please allow up to one week
before shipment.
Prices current thru 2020