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Air-Bike Models
Plan Sets
Price List

Fiberglass Spinner *

8.75" Diameter x 9" Dome Length.
Carbon fiber reinforced backplate
and stainless steel hardware.

Fits all TEAM aircraft, all common     
propeller hubs using a 1" index.
Rated to 80hp.

Fiberglass Wheelpants *

For 6" wheels and tires of 13"
       max. diameter.

Small  For 4-5" wheels and tires of 11"
       max. diameter.


Foam grip with ball compass.
Compass rotates freely at any
attitude.  Fits control sticks 3/4"
to 1".   Black, Red or Blue grip,
compass face in black or white.

TEAM Drooped Wingtips*

Fits Mini-Max and Air-Bike wood wing.
Adds 9" to span of each panel.
Kit includes 1" glass tape if you wish to
enclose open aileron end with thin ply.

Vortex Generator Set

Reduces stall speed and allows
shorter takeoff and landing distance.
Probably the best performance mod
for the money.

Set of 32, enough for one aircraft.

Challenger Wing Gap Seal *

Fits Challenger I  & II.  Available as
a set or separate parts.  Rear fairing,
mid-section or canopy hood.

CGS Hawk Fiberglass Nose *

Simple screw or rivet installation.
Specify Hawk Arrow or Classic.

Larger fiberglass parts are typically made  
when ordered.  Please allow up to one week
before shipment.