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A.D. # 1
Elevator Safety Kit
Over time, the elevator cable housing can seperate from the
furrule.  A safety kit was issued by TEAM Aircraft in 1995
consisting of clear poly-vinyl tubing and hose clamps to ensure
the housing can't pull away from the furrule.  All elevator cables
from TEAM were later supplied with this kit.
Be certain your Cable has the Safety Kit installed at each end
and make it a part of every pre-flight inspection.
A.D. # 2
Anti-Sway Wires
The Air-Bike has such a narrow overhead structure that anti-sway wires were
critical in the design.  The wires run from the front strut attach back to the mid
fuselage.  The wires ensure that the tail follows the nose without putting undue
strain on the structure.  The wires will slack over time and if allowed remain
slack while flying, can cause the cabane (overhead) welds to fracture.  It only
takes 30 minutes to make a new pair every few years or use a turnbuckle on
each wire to maintain proper tension.
Fractured airframe
Re-welded with gussets