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Q.  This looks like an Air-Bike. What's the difference?
Q.  Does it fly better than the Air-Bike?
Q.  Can I still get an original Air-Bike?
Q.  Do the wings fold?
A.   It is based on the original Air-Bike which is no longer available in kit  
    form.  Ours has an aluminum tube tail and wing structure, similar to   
    other designs like Challenger, Rans or CGS Hawk.  Other changes to
    the fuselage can be found in relation to the aluminum wing.  The
    geometry is basically the same.
A.  Well.. No.  It's hard to improve on Wayne Ison's fun, well behaved little
   airplanes.  Consider ours a humble reflection. With an aluminum tube
   leading edge, the gentle stall characteristics of the TEAM wooden wing
   are no longer there.  The addition of vortex generators do, however,
   reduce the stall to  rediculously low speeds.  Climb, cruise and descent
   remain the same..
A.  Yes, You can still get one built.  We can link you with plans from an
   overseas source and any fabricator can weld the steel fuselage and
   landing gear.  Sourcing the stock for the wooden wing is just a matter
   of phoning JDT-Minimax.
A. Not directly back, no.  It's possible to remove the struts and the front wing
  root bolt and pivot the LE down before swinging the the wing to the rear.
  But at this point, you are just 1 bolt away from removing the wing
  completely.  Repeated folding in this fashion will eventually scratch your
  airplane and forget about hauling it around in a folded configuration.
  Build yourself a wing rack.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q.  Can I order my fuselage powder coated?
A. No.  The fuselage will need drilling and minor grinding or filing during the
  fitting of certain parts.  The fuselage and other steel parts will come
  primed to protect them from surface rust.
Q.  Can I order brakes and wheelpants with my UL kit?
A. Yes, but it may not be a legal ultralight anymore.  The UL version will
  only meet the Part 103 weight requirements when built exactly per the
  plans with no additional options.
A. The ultralight model has a much lighter wing structure, smaller tubes, no
   bottom ribs, etc.  It also has thinner fuselage truss tubes and is
   designed for smaller engines so it has a lower useful load.  Don't plan
   to put a 503 on the ultralight model.  Chose the correct model for the
   type of flying you want to do.
Q.  What is the difference between the ultralight and light-sport versions??
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Q.  Why is the kit price so reasonable?
A.  These are builder kits, not a box of pre-fab parts.  We supply the
   raw stock and you cut the part and drill the holes.  All metal fittings
   are cut from aluminum channel or angle stock, easily done with a
   hacksaw or bandsaw.  All fittings are shown full-size on the plans.