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Our comprehensive TEAM building plan sets are the most economical way to
build your Air-Bike or Tandem Air-Bike.  Easy to read plans, materials list and
step-by-step construction manual allow you to move forward without all the
guesswork of working just from a drawing.  Pilot's flight manual is included
describing flight parameters, maintenance schedule and first flight preparation,
so the only surprise is how fun it is!
Our building plan sets show all tube sizes,  
layout and dimensions in great detail.
Tail parts are shown full size on larger
sheets.  Actually, most metal assemblies are
show at full size.  Your fuselage grows quickly
from the bottom up.  Weld with mig, tig or
oxy-acetylene.  If you don't weld, or don't
want to tackle it, we can provide a welded
package for you.
The TEAM wing designed by Wayne Ison is
the magic behind the easy flying Air-Bike.   
Like the proven Mini-Max wing, the plans
show all details and tips along the way.  Just
like building a large model plane except the
parts are larger and easier to handle.  
Minimal tools required, just a jigsaw, staple
gun and T-88 epoxy.
Air-Bike 103 and LS Plan Set      $150
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All Plan Sets are Shipped in a Protective Tube
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Tandem Air-Bike Plan Set           $150
In the Continental U.S.
Hawaii, Alaska and International
In the Continental U.S.
Hawaii, Alaska and International